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Investor Brandscape, the leading industry benchmark for brand preference and product usage among affluent investors, has been tracking the attitudes and behaviors of affluent investors since 2006. The report explores current investor awareness, perception, usage and share of wallet of, as well as loyalty to, the top investment distributors, mutual fund managers, and ETF and variable annuity (VA) providers. This report will help subscribers better inform decision-making for competitive positioning and investor segmentation, and uncover opportunities to strengthen brand equity.


The report will enable subscribers to:

  • Enhance segmentation strategy and targeting efforts
  • Improve marketing and communication strategies
  • Boost profitability by identifying client growth/loss segments
  • Strengthen competitive positioning
  • Identify opportunities to enhance market share and acquisition strategies


A web-based survey among a representative cross section of approximately 4,000 US adults with investable assets of at least $100,000.

Sample size boost allows for more in-depth analysis on behaviors and brand perception.

The sample is stratified to allow for subgroup analysis by assets, age, generation, gender, distribution channel, advisor usage and other key variables. Strict quotas are set to ensure representative sampling and any/all necessary back-end statistical weighting is applied prior to analysis.


Subscription Details

Publication Date: December 2016


  • Printed report with product and brand analysis, commentary and strategic implications
  • On-site strategy session and presentation designed to deliver actionable results and facilitate strategic planning
  • Custom data cuts and survey work by senior analysts available

Investment: $35,000

Areas of Inquiry

Affluent and High Net-Worth Investor Profile and Perspective

  • Age/generation
  • Investable assets/net worth
  • Financial goals and attitudes toward financial industry
  • Risk tolerance by generation and wealth leve

Investment Account, Product Ownership and Allocation

  • Product usage and allocation
  • Interest in alternative investment products
  • Portfolio allocation between active and passive investments

Role of Advisors and Investment Professionals

  • Percentage of assets managed through advisors vs. collaboratively vs. self-directed
  • Profile of investors seeking advice from financial advisors vs. robo-advisors and online models
  • Percentage of assets directed to financial advisors vs. robo-advisors
  • Comparison of customer profiles by advisory channel/firm
  • Investor loyalty to and confidence with their primary advisor

Brand Equity for Distributors and Product Providers

  • Unaided consideration
  • Overall awareness
  • Advertising recall
  • Brand impression and imagery association
  • Purchase intent
  • Key drivers of consideration by investor segment

Distributor and Product Provider Brand Usage, Satisfaction and Loyalty

  • Penetration
  • Share of wallet
  • Loyalty
  • Satisfaction with a battery of product and service attributes
  • Key drivers of loyalty by investor segment

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