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The Investor-Advisor Relationship™ examines how rapport between financial professionals and affluent investors is established and the aspects that make the relationship flourish or fail. Detailed explorations will reveal affluent investors’ key drivers of advisor consideration, satisfaction and loyalty as well as the triggers for switching advisors. This combination of two in-depth reports, one qualitative and the other quantitative, is designed to help advisory firms strengthen and optimize their client acquisition strategies and ongoing advisor retention efforts.


The report will enable subscribers to:

  • Identify how investor-advisor relationships
    are established and grow over time
  • Understand the key drivers of advisor
    consideration, satisfaction and loyalty
  • Pinpoint triggers for switching and critical
    factors that cement advisory relationships
  • Learn how new technology and regulatory
    requirements are influencing investor
    screening and evaluation criteria
  • Strengthen practice management initiatives
    to optimize client acquisition and ongoing
    retention efforts


Phase 1: Qualitative Research

  • Three bulletin boards each spanning three
    days of discussion
  • 45–60 US adults with a minimum of
    $100,000 in investable assets
  • A representative mix of generations, net
    worth, gender and use of advice models

Phase 2: Quantitative Research

  • Shaped by findings from the qualitative
  • Web-based survey among a representative
    cross section of 2,000 US adults with a
    minimum of $100,000 in investable assets
  • Stratified sample to allow for subgroup
    analysis by assets, age, generation, gender,
    distribution channel, advisor usage and
    other key variables
  • Strict quotas to ensure representative
  • Any/all necessary back-end statistical
    weighting applied prior to analysis


Subscription Details

Phase 1 Publication Date: April 2017

Phase 2 Publication Date: November 2017


  • Detailed qualitative report including a
    summary of findings and strategic
  • Secure online access to all online
    bulletin boards and full transcription
  • WebEx presentation of the qualitative
  • Detailed quantitative report with
    charts and commentary
  • Custom presentation based on
    quantitative report designed to deliver
    actionable results and facilitate
    strategic planning

Investment: $40,000

Areas of Inquiry

The Investor-Advisor Relationship Journey

  • Key stages throughout the investor-advisor
    relationship life cycle
  • Life events that prompt investors’ need to
    work with an advisor
  • Sources of advisor recommendations
  • Investor drivers of consideration,
    satisfaction and loyalty
  • The role of trust and value throughout the
    relationship journey
  • Key triggers that prompt switching and the
    process of investors starting a new advisor

New Expectations of Advisors

  • Preferred method of communication,
    frequency of outreach and most relevant
    topics for different investor segments
  • Ways to use technology to deepen the
    investor-advisor relationship
  • The unique role of an advisor in the holistic
    financial planning model
  • The evolution of investor expectations (e.g.,
    the influence of DOL fiduciary ruling) and
    opportunities to customize advice offerings

Role of Advisors and Investment Professionals

  • Percentage of assets managed through advisors vs. collaboratively vs. self-directed
  • Profile of investors seeking advice from financial advisors vs. robo-advisors and online models
  • Percentage of assets directed to financial advisors vs. robo-advisors
  • Comparison of customer profiles by advisory channel/firm
  • Investor loyalty to and confidence with their primary advisor

Opportunities to Reach Investor Targets

  • Key factors in and effective strategies for
    attracting clients from other advisors or
  • Opportunities to target and engage with
    investors new to advisory services
  • Ways to leverage automated advice models
    (robo-advice) in future practice expansion
  • The role of the advisory firm in the client
    acquisition process

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