The Unmanaged Utility Account Business Segmentation™ report provides subscribers with a detailed understanding of how unmanaged business accounts, typically small to mid-sized businesses, engage with their utility. The report includes a new segmentation approach allowing utilities to move beyond NAICS codes to more effectively increase the understanding of the unique needs and engagement opportunities of each segment. The segmentation framework premiered in the report helps subscribers better understand the composition of their unmanaged accounts and provides targeted recommendations on how to increase their satisfaction, brand trust and overall engagement with the utility.

Areas of Inquiry

Current utility engagement by segment

  • Message recall
  • Value-add product/service usage and
  • Engaged Customer Relationship (ECR),
    which includes Brand Trust, Product
    Experience and Operational Satisfaction

Profile of unmanaged utility account
business segments

  • Industry
  • Ownership structure
  • Geographic location
  • Who manages utility relationship

Recommendations to further engage each segment

  • Key value-added product/service opportunities
  • Channel preferences
  • Utility activities that can improve ECR

Usage and interest data on value-added

  • Billing services
  • Payment methods and channels
  • Service support offerings
  • Consumption management offerings
  • Rate plans


The report enables subscribers to:

  • Deepen understanding of the needs of
    unmanaged commercial accounts, which
    are primarily small and mid-sized
  • Identify opportunities to better engage
    these customers with value-added products
    and services
  • Increase engagement, brand trust and
    satisfaction among these customers



Data collected via a web-based survey of a sample of over 9,500 business customers of
the 59 largest electric and combination



Subscription Details

Publication Date: October 

* A typing tool will be available for an additional investment 


Detailed report including a summary
of findings and strategic implications

Investment: $10,000

Utility Business Segments Explored

  • Urban Core

  • Homegrown Successes

  • Management Controls

  • Outsiders

  • People Powered

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