Advisor Brandscape
The Advisor Media Buying Guide™ provides an unequaled view of the media preferences and consumption habits of financial advisors. Encompassing over 100
unique media properties including TV networks, websites, print publications, mobile apps and social media platforms, the report pinpoints the sources advisors rely
on most and enables financial services providers to optimize their media buys and maximize their reach.


The buying guide provides tactical media-related insights for two distinct end-user groups:

Asset Managers
  • Inform media-buying strategies among
    target advisor audiences
  • Identify opportunities to maximize brand
    exposure across advisor segments
Media Properties
  • Quantify your reach across key advisor
  • Develop detailed profiles of your audience
    among advisor segments
  • Inform asset manager media plans with
    data on the media properties that are most
    likely to deliver against specific advisor


Subscription Details

Publication Date: June 2017


  • Detailed report with charts and

Investment: $10,000

Percentage of AUM in DC plans
• Percentage of compensation from DC plans
• Number and size of plans managed
Services provided to DC plan sponsors and participants
• Impact of fee disclosure regulations
• Number of plan providers typically recommended
• Number and type of investment options typically recommended
• QDIA option used most often
• Target date fund recommendation


Reliable data are the backbone of any good
research. We can promise you we have the
best data in the market. Why?
We have:

  • A dedicated sampling scientist who
    carefully curates the industry’s leading
  • 19 years of experience with advisors—we
    know them and they know us
  • Industry experts who fully understand the
    results and implications of our research

The specifics behind our methodology for Advisor Media Buying Guide:

  • Web-based survey conducted in Q1 2017
  • Representative cross section of over 1,200
    registered financial advisors across the RIA,
    National wirehouse, Regional, Independent
    and Bank channels
Media usage patterns and preferences
detailed by:
  • Channel
  • AUM
  • DC production
  • Product use
  • Active vs. passive management allocation
  • Marketing communication preference as classified by Cogent Advisor Segments

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