Advisor Brandscape

Media properties trying to reach financial advisors (FAs) need the Advisor Media Performance Tracker to prove their value to advertisers, stay ahead of competitors and profile advisors for more accurate segmented ad strategies. As a media property, you will be able to demonstrate to advertisers the unique size and composition of your audience, when and how content is being accessed across multiple platforms, including both in-home and out-of-home TV viewing to give you full credit for your viewership. Additionally, you can compare key brand metric performance for pre- and post-campaign periods for the leading asset management brands.

Why is Cogent Reports the most accurate and reliable source for FA information?


We survey 400 financial advisors every month on their use of and preference for consuming media. Subscribers are able to profile advisors based on channel, gender, assets under management, tenure and compensation. 


Subscribers have the ability to choose when and how often they want updated metrics. As we survey advisors every month, we can update the data anywhere from once a month to once a year. Unlimited access to the data via an online portal provides the ability to run and see the data in the way that you want.

Reliable Data

We have the best data in the market. We have a dedicated sampling scientist who carefully curates the industry’s leading database, 20 years
of experience with advisors and industry experts who fully understand the results and implications of our research.

Percentage of AUM in DC plans
• Percentage of compensation from DC plans
• Number and size of plans managed
Services provided to DC plan sponsors and participants
• Impact of fee disclosure regulations
• Number of plan providers typically recommended
• Number and type of investment options typically recommended
• QDIA option used most often
• Target date fund recommendation


Prove Your Value

  • Prove your value to advertisers with the most accurate measure of FA reach across
    multiple media platforms

Track Competitors

  • Stay ahead of competitors with a full view of their FA reach metrics

Profile Advisors

  • Improve segmentation ad strategies with a more accurate and holistic view of how FAs
    utilize media sources

We can mine our wealth of data to meet your needs.

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