Retirement Plan Advisor Trends

Institutional investors have decision-making power and often involve an extensive list of resources when vetting and hiring new asset managers. Facing intense competition in the institutional market, asset managers need to make the most of every potential mandate to win new assets.

Beyond Consideration™ uncovers the key factors that influence asset manager hiring by institutional investors. While many firms struggle with the challenges of building brand awareness and consideration, the most successful asset managers arm their sales, relationship management and product teams with insights on the decision-making process in order to maximize their chances of being selected. This new report will provide a deeper understanding of the decision-making process, identifying key points of influence along the institutional investor journey.


The report will enable subscribers to:

Sharpen Sales Tactics
Maximize effectiveness of the sales team in increasing revenue and market share

Maximize Winning Potential
Understand the institutional investor decision-making process and identify key points of influence to win new assets

Deepen Existing Relationships
Develop and cultivate strong relationships with institutional investors and consultants by anticipating their needs


  • Telephone IDIs
  • 25 institutional investors:
    • 10–12 for-profit (DB Pension, DC)
    • 10–12 non-profit (Endowment, Foundation)
    • 4–6 institutional consultants and OCIO providers
  • Mix of asset size $100M–$499M vs. $500M+ for each type
  • Potential for multiple perspectives from a given organization (dyads) left to participants’ choice and availability

Subscription Details

Publication Date: November 2018


  • Detailed strategic report and recommendations
  • Access to transcripts
  • WebEx presentation of the findings

Investment: $45,000

Areas of Inquiry

A preliminary list—to be finalized with participating subscribers

Institutional investment journey focusing on the most recent mandate placement
  • Asset class, desired outcome and dollar amount of the mandate
  • Asset manager selected and why
  • Number of other asset managers seriously considered
  • Reasons for not selecting an asset manager
  • Impact of existing personal or business relationships on the selection
  • decision and how those relationships were formed
  • Parties and steps involved in the selection process
  • The sources of information used to inform the selection decision
  • Length of the selection process
  • What (if anything) was missing that would have made the decision
  • faster or easier
  • What (else) an asset manager can do to get into the consideration set

The role and influence of consultants in the decision-making process

Clients who subscribe by September 28 will have the opportunity to help shape the discussion guide and include proprietary questions. Topics could include:

  • Concept/product/solutions testing
  • Brand/firm perceptions
  • Marketing/sales collateral testing
  • Investment/sales team approach (uniqueness/differentiation)

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