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Cogent Advisor Segments™ provides a practical, tactical and accurate solution for financial firms that want to increase the efficacy of their marketing to advisors. The Cogent team will incorporate a segment indicator into your CRM database so that you can target your marketing outreach to specific advisors based on how they prefer to receive and consume information from asset managers.

Cogent Advisor Segments™ was developed over a series of phases to increase the efficacy of your marketing and communication program.

PHASE ONE: Identified the segments 

  • 18 focus groups with 70 financial advisors in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles
  • Research led to the development of a four-segment hypothesis

Defined the segments

  • Online survey among a representative sample of 402 financial advisors, including attitudinal statement battery tests, quantified the qualitative hypothesis
  • Built the segmentation model using a cluster analysis and algorithm to identify the four segments


  • Use a cluster analysis to determine a tactical four-segment solution that differentiated advisors in meaningful and actionable ways
  • Algorithms based on 8- or 15-question batteries delivered segment classification with 89% and 95% accuracy, respectively

Linked the data

  • Use a series of modeling exercises to predict segment classification within multiple databases
  • Statistical modeling of Cogent attidudinal data and Broadridge market data identified variables to predict segment classification



PHASE FIVE: What we can do for your firm

Increase your ability to effectively communicate with your contacts by allowing us to tag contacts in your CRM using CRDs from the commercial database. We will provide the support to help you understand and utilize the data effectively.


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