Cogent Beat gives investment providers the ability to evaluate brand, track engagement, benchmark against competitors and even predict future trends—whenever, wherever and however you want. This powerful research tool will help you keep your finger on the pulse of the evolving attitudes and behaviors of advisors or investors to effectively retain and grow assets.

Cogent Beat Advisor

  • Sales and Distribution: Evaluate the efforts of your wholesaling team, as well as those of your competitors

  • Marketing and Brand: Track your brand health in the marketplace to maximize acquisition opportunities and minimize attrition

  • Product Development:Tap into shifting product preferences at the earliest stages of product adoption

  • Market Research: Filter, segment, compare and combine your data at will to meet the needs and interests of your stakeholders

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Cogent Beat Investor

  • Brand and Channel Marketing: Track your brand health among targeted segments of the market to maximize marketing and communication

  • Product and Service Development: Anticipate the needs of investors and track their interest and usage of current products and services to evaluate current and new product trends

  • Market Research and Competitive Intelligence: Drill down, segment and filter the data for your brand and your competition to address the specific needs of your internal stakeholders

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Sales and Distribution


Sales and Distribution


Sales and Distribution

Features and Deliverables

Continuous Data Collection

  • Monthly data feeds via the intuitive, easy-to-use Cogent Reports portal

Thoughtful Analysis

  • Quarterly written market commentary from Cogent Reports analysts

  • Annual Brandscape report and customized on-site presentation
  • Access to a team of wealth management analysts

Prospective View

  • New product adoption
  • Emerging investment trends
  • Future brand consideration

Flexible Online Reporting Tools

  • Tiered portal access to allow for controlled distribution
  • Robust filtering capability to create customized dashboard views (e.g., time frame, AUM, channel, clients/prospects, product use)
  • On-demand research tools for deeper analysis from the comprehensive dataset
  • Quick export function to share, save and export charts and tables
  • On-demand, in-depth data analysis

Subscription Details

  • 10-seat license for unlimited online access to client portal
  • Monthly data feeds
  • Quarterly written marketplace summary and analysis
  • Annual Brandscape report
  • Annual on-site Brandscape presentation
  • 15 analyst hours
  • Portal training and help desk access


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