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Cutting Through the Institutional Marketing Clutter™ examines the full spectrum of marketing material provided to institutional investors, from email and white papers to provider websites and webinars. Using a combination of qualitative focus groups and interviews, the study explores the characteristics of the communications that stand out in institutional investors’ minds and the most effective strategies for strengthening institutional investors’ engagement.


The report will enable subscribers to:

  • Increase engagement with marketing
  • Maximize communication effectiveness
  • Compare communication practices with
    best-in-class leaders
  • Obtain a deeper competitive advantage
    within the digital marketing space
  • Optimize marketing budgets to maximize
    return on investment



A series of 90-minute focus groups with
institutional investors with at least $50 million
in institutional assets in three geographic
markets. In-depth interviews with institutional
investors and investment consultants will
supplement the focus groups.

Participating clients will be given the opportunity
to help shape the discussion and will be
invited to see and hear the research live or
remotely. In addition, participating clients have
the opportunity to provide their own material
for evaluation.


Subscription Details

Project Kickoff: February 2017
Focus Groups: March 2017
Publication Date: May 2017


  • Customized strategic report including
    actionable feedback for marketing
  • Focus group and interview transcripts and
  • In-person or WebEx presentation of results and recommendations

Investment: $30,000

Areas of Inquiry

Communication Preferences

  • Current marketing consumption behavior
    and daily habits with different collateral
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the
    various communication modes
  • Channel preferences and desired frequency
    for each communication type
  • Usage of third-party sites that aggregate
    marketing collateral

Content Relevance

  • Best-in-class content and pain points
    associated with a range of inbound and
    outbound contact
  • Deep-dive evaluation of provider websites
    and webinars
  • Types of digital content that drive repeat
    visits and digital tools most likely to be
    shared with clients and colleagues
  • Unmet needs in case studies, thought
    leadership or market insight

Personalization Strategies

  • Type of intermediaries plan sponsors use
  • How intermediaries are being engaged

Plan Provider Brand Equity and Loyalty

  • Impact of customization and targeting by
    asset size and channel
  • Optimal mix and effective execution of
    targeted marketing
  • Interactive tools that assist with product

Brand Differentiation

  • Market leaders and best-in-class players
  • Significant brand detractors and associated
    pain points

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