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Acquiring new business in the defined contribution (DC) market is a complicated matter, involving multiple influencers and decision-makers. Asset managers and plan providers often struggle to find the right combination of outreach to the various parties involved and, as a result, end up wasting time and resources.


DC Market 360° examines the process of evaluating and selecting DC plan providers and investment managers from three critical perspectives: DC consultants, heavy DC advisors and DC plan sponsors. From each viewpoint we’ll uncover insights on triggers for switching, the search for new providers and the key criteria impacting selection. This research effort will arm firms competing in the DC market with unique knowledge of the levers to pull and facets to leverage to maximize firms potential of winning new business.


The report will enable subscribers to:

Sharpen Sales Tactics
Identify key influencers and decision-makers and how and when to reach them

Maximize Winning Potential
Understand the factors critical to selection among consultants, advisors and plan sponsors

Improve Marketing Effectiveness
Integrate targeted messaging into marketing content to increase the efficacy of communication efforts



Plan Sponsors
  • Online discussion
  • 15 representing plans with assets <$100M
  • 12 representing plans with assets $100M–<$500M
  • 10 representing plans with assets $500M+

Heavy DC Advisors

  • Virtual ethnography
  • At least eight advisors from the national wirehouse, independent, regional and RIA channels


  • In-depth telephone interviews
  • 10 investment consultants
  • 10 recordkeeping consultants


Subscription Details

Publication Date: December 2017


  • Detailed strategic report and recommendations

Investment: $50,000

Areas of Inquiry

DC Plan Sponsors

DC plan sponsors likely to switch plan providers and/or DC investment managers

  • Triggers for switching plan providers and DC investment managers
  • Preventing the switch
  • The process of switching plan providers and
  • DC investment managers
  • Deeper understanding of the RFP process

Heavy DC Advisors and Consultants

DC advisors managing $50M+ in DC AUM and Consultants focused heavily on servicing DC clients

  • Recommended plan providers and investment managers
  • Key brand consideration drivers for plan providers and investment managers
  • The review and switching process
  • Trends in terms of new investments products and asset classes
  • Third-party resources used most often to stay informed


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