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Hospital Brandscapeā„¢ is a new industry benchmarking tool designed specifically for hospital executives who seek to include the perspective of consumers in the assessment and measurement of critical brand metrics associated with their respective institutions. The report provides a market overview that includes unaided awareness and consideration for all area hospitals, as well as an exploration of the key drivers of favorability and a reputation analysis of the leading hospitals on 19 critical image and performance attributes.

Areas of Inquiry

Hospital Brand Equity

  • Unaided and aided awareness of local hospitals
  • Unaided and aided consideration by level of needed care
    • Health emergencies
    • Life-threatening conditions
    • Non-life-threatening health issues
  • Advertising recall
  • Brand familiarity and overall impression
  • Hospital usage and likelihood to recommend
  • Impact of health system association on hospital selection

Brand Image Analysis

  • Scores and ranking for leading area hospitals on 19 attributes related to:
    • Perceptions of quality
    • Care and treatment
    • Institutional mandates
    • Non-medical advantages
    • Key service lines

Consumer Health Metrics and Demographics

  • PCP use and hospital association
  • Insurance/health plan type
  • Self-health assessment
  • Family health experience status
  • Representative demographics: age, gender, race/ethnicity, income level
  • Other demographics: education level, marital status, employment status


The report will enable subscribers to:

  • Gain insight into perceptions area residents have of nearby hospital(s)
  • Strengthen competitive positioning
  • Improve marketing and communications
  • Inform and optimize operation and service delivery strategies
  • Boost market share with more effective messaging


A web-based survey across a representative sample of over 2,000 insured residents in each market. Markets are defined as the area within 10 miles of major hospitals or medical centers. The markets selected for the first wave of this study include:

  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Atlanta
  • Philadelphia

Quotas are set to ensure a representative sampling in each market and back-end statistical weighting is applied prior to analysis. Quota and weighting targets for age, income and race/ethnicity are based on current US census data for the zip codes that define each market.

Subscription Details

Publication Date: December 2014


  • Printed and electronic report with market and brand analysis, commentary and strategic implications for subscribing hospitals
  • On-site strategy session and presentation designed to deliver actionable results and facilitate strategic planning
  • Custom data cuts and survey work by senior analysts
  • Ability to communicate externally on individual performance at no charge, upon approval of text

Investment: $30,000

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