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International Institutional Investor Brandscape examines the behaviors and attitudes of senior investment professionals representing defined benefit (DB) pension funds across multiple countries. This study covers overall trends in asset allocation and investment strategies, the variables that lead to asset manager selection, and the current state of brand equity and differentiation in this increasingly global market.


The report will enable subscribers to:

  • Increase acquisition potential by identifying market segments and core competitors, areas of greatest opportunities, and the
    brand imagery that drives consideration
  • Minimize attrition probability by revealing
    strengths and weaknesses and understanding where competitive threads exist
  • Maximize brand equity by understanding the
    current competitive positioning on core metrics of awareness and favorability, as
    well as how your brand performs today on
    critical brand imagery areas


A phone-based survey of a representative
sample of 800 defined benefit pension investors managing the equivalent of at least $100 million in assets.

Subscription Details

Publication Date: July 2017


  • Strategic report and recommendations
  • By request: Custom data cuts and survey work by senior analysts

Investment: $50,000

Areas of Inquiry

Future Asset Allocation

  • Expected changes in asset allocation and
    specific drivers of these changes (desired outcomes)

Future Investment Strategy Trends

  • Future use of outcome-oriented asset
    allocation strategies (including LDI), multi-asset strategies, outsourced fiduciary management, factor investing and ESG

Asset Manager Selection Process

  • Number of asset managers currently used
    and number likely to add and drop over next
    12 months
  • Importance of specific criteria in selecting a
    new asset manager (up to 20 metrics)

Brand Equity and Brand Differentiation

  • Aided awareness and overall impression of
    broad asset managers
  • Unaided and aided consideration of leading
    broad asset managers overall and by asset
  • Perceptions of leading broad asset
    managers across a battery of brand
    imagery attributes


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