To attract and retain affluent clients, financial services firms must fully understand their brand perception and loyalty among higher-asset investors, especially those who are “ready-to-act.” This information is critical to strategic decisions regarding targeting, brand engagement and differentiation, boosting consideration and
expanding share of wallet.

Investor Brand Builder provides a holistic overview of important trends affecting the affluent investor market and a customized evaluation of your brand health to enhance investor segmentation, improve marketing and communication, identify opportunities to grow market share and boost profitability. You choose the way you
want the data cut to align with your firm’s view of the affluent investor population, giving you customized insights that can directly inform your brand and marketing strategies.


The report will enable subscribers to:

Boost Profitability
Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your brand to adjust strategies, increase investor loyalty, retain assets and attract new clients

Identify New Targets
Increase market share by identifying investors who are ready-to-act and developing effective campaigns to get your firm in their consideration set

Track Competitors
Benchmark performance against your competitors to improve brand positioning


  • 4,000 US adults with investable assets of at least $100,000
  • Web-based survey
  • Stratified sample to allow for subgroup analysis by assets, age, generation, gender, distribution channel, advisor usage and other key variables


Subscription Details

Publication Date: October 2018


  • Printed summary report with key insights on affluent market
  • On-site custom strategy session and custom presentation with up to two investor segments that provides a deep understanding of the market opportunities most relevant to your business strategy

Investment: $30,000

Areas of Inquiry

Use of Advice Among Affluent Investors

  • Financial advisor relationships vs. online distributor relationships
  • Robo-advisor usage and satisfaction
  • Loyalty with financial advisors

Brand Equity for Leading Distributors and Product Providers

  • Unaided consideration and overall awareness
  • Brand impression and imagery association
  • Overall consideration

Distributor and Mutual Fund Provider Brand Usage, Satisfaction and Loyalty

  • Penetration
  • Share of assets
  • Loyalty
  • Satisfaction with a battery of client experience attributes
  • Intent to increase/decrease investments

Affluent Investor Profile

  • Account and product usage
  • “Ready-to-act” investors likely to invest in next three months
  • Risk tolerance and active/passive allocation
  • Attitudinal battery including trust in the financial community
  • Financial planning attitudes and behavior
  • Investor touchpoints

>> Choose the way you want the data cut to align with your firm’s view of the affluent investor population.

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