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Media Consumption Advisor™ is a dynamic online platform that captures advisors’ ongoing use of and preferences for all types of media. Easy-to-use dashboards enable subscribers to quickly identify the most frequently used and preferred properties across more than 100 TV networks, print publications, websites, mobile apps and social media sites. Subscribers can view how advisors consume various types of media throughout the day, what devices are used to do so, and for TV, if content is being accessed at home, the office or elsewhere. A sophisticated filtering tool allows subscribers to drill-down on their firm’s specific advisor targets. Leading asset managers can also track how they perform on key brand metrics among users of a specific media property.


The platform will allow subscribers to:

  • Inform media-buying strategies
  • Identify opportunities to maximize brand exposure
  • Monitor impact of media use on target advisors


  • Continuous monthly data collection
  • 400 advisors per month; data points reported per month and as 3-month rolling averages
  • All major distribution channels


Subscription Details


  • 2016 subscription
  • Online portal access includes:
    • Five-seat license
    • Easy-to-use dashboards with ability
      to filter by key demographics and brand usage
    • Quarterly summary
  • Ongoing client support and training

Investment: $30,000*

* Ask us about Licensing options

Areas of Inquiry

Usage and profiles for 100+ media properties, including:

  • Preferred media properties
  • Property reach and usage patterns
  • Property user profiles, including:
    • Channel
    • Gender
    • AUM
    • Tenure
    • Compensation

Track impression of asset managers and distributors among users of specific media properties


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