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Pharma Engage™—Oncology & Hematology helps oncology companies maximize engagement with oncologists and hematologists by pinpointing the facets of company performance that most impact corporate image and HCPs’ willingness to engage. The report will establish the link between HCPs’ perceptions of franchise performance, corporate image and willingness to engage with companies via sales reps, sponsored events and other touchpoints, as well as reveal the image and performance leaders in several tumor areas.

Areas of Inquiry

At the Franchise Level

  • Companies HCPs are most likely to engage with overall and by specific touchpoint (e.g., reps, sponsored events, conference booths)
  • Companies with strongest image in Oncology
  • Company performance on a variety of attributes (e.g., quality of reps, R&D, resources)
  • Drivers of corporate image and engagement 
  • Insights on features that drive performance perceptions

Within a Specific Tumor Area For Select Solid and Liquid Tumors

  • Leaders in the treatment of specific tumors
  • Company performance on select attributes (e.g., sales force, R&D, accessibility)
  • Companies with the strongest outlook in specific tumor areas
  • Breast
  • Lung
  • Colorectal
  • Melanoma
  • Multiple Myeloma
  • CLL


1 Companies represented vary by tumor


The report enables subscribers to:

  • Benchmark franchise and tumor-specific leadership in the US market from the perspective of stakeholders
  • Pinpoint the link between performance on touchpoints, franchise image and HCPs’ willingness to engage
  • Maximize franchise image and HCP engagement by prioritizing the driving touchpoints


A 30-minute web-based survey using a nationally represented e-panel of US office-based Oncologists (n=150) and Hematologists (n=100).
Analyses will include derivation of engagement and image score indices and key driver analyses using regression-based models.

Subscription Details

Publication Date: January 2017


  • Detailed report including a summary of findings and strategic implications, and Excel tables
  • Company-specific driver analysis

Investment: $32,0002


2 Follow-up analyses, other-country inclusion, and additional respondent types can be provided for an additional fee.


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