Engage your customers, benchmark your business and build a franchise that customers want to do business with using the Texas REP Trusted Brand study. The retail electric industry is rapidly changing and without the right information, tools and guidance, today’s REPs risk customer attrition and market irrelevance.


The study provides a comprehensive view into REPs’ relationships with their residential customers, through a Customer Experience “Balanced Scorecard” approach. Proprietary metrics comprise our REP Brand Trust model—which has been proven to deliver true franchise value.


The report will enable subscribers to:

Benchmark Performance
Track performance against 43 named REPs, identify opportunities and trends to increase your
company’s brand trust level.

Increase Franchise Value
Capitalize on opportunities to strengthen internal operations and target marketing and increase
product sales and profitability.

Increase Customer Acquisition and Retention
Track, manage and improve brand qualities that your current and targeted customers are seeking in a REP.


  • 5,462 residential electric customers
  • 43 Texas retail electric providers
  • Web-based survey
  • Sample design uses US census data and strict quotas to ensure a representative sample of customers based on age, income and race


Subscription Details

Publication: September 2018


  • Detailed report with analysis of data
  • Online portal tool with every score and question for each REP using mTAB
  • On-site strategy session to provide actionable results and facilitate strategic planning

Areas of Inquiry

Trusted Brand Measurement Factors

  • Local outreach efforts and reputation
  • Customer advocacy
  • Environmental focus
  • Communication effectiveness
  • Brand traits and positioning

Product Experience Measurement Factors

  • Awareness and usage of offerings
  • Demand for billing, retail, service and consumption management offerings
  • Market positioning of offerings

Service Satisfaction Measurement Factors

  • Billing and payment processes
  • Customer service performance

Customer Impressions

  • Comparisons with other local service providers
  • Brand equity/value measurements
  • Customer advocacy scoring
  • Service diagnostics
  • Net Promoter Scores®
  • Customer appeal

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