StreamOn: Understanding the Streaming Video Consumer
The StreamOn report is a qualitative and quantitative study designed to provide foundational data and insights into the consumer needs that are driving the rapidly changing and increasingly competitive video marketplace. This report will provides all organizations in the video entertainment industry a better understanding of the streaming video landscape and the tools to better position themselves to stay ahead of competitors.


The report will enable subscribers to:

  • Provide compelling streaming video products that address current and future needs of the target consumers
  • Improve ROI of content bundles and product feature development
  • Identify opportunities to capitalize on weaknesses in competitors’ video products
  • Defend against and/or capitalize upon cannibalization of existing traditional video revenue
  • Understand the streaming video purchase funnel


The StreamOn study focuses on three segments of streaming video customers:

Testers—Individuals who have tried premium streaming video services, but either have not upgraded an existing subscription or have canceled a past one

Supplementers—Individuals who subscribe to a premium video streaming service and modified their traditional Pay TV subscription

Complementers—Individuals who subscribe to a premium streaming video service and have not modified their traditional Pay TV subscription

Qualitative Research

An online focus group consisting of 44 individuals interacting via secure online bulletin boards. 

Quantitative Research

An online survey of 1,200 Testers, Supplementers and Complementers. The survey includes a MaxDiff choice exercise that drove the creation of an interactive simulator that optimizes streaming video plan features and options.



Areas of Inquiry

Trial vs. Commitment

  • Why consumers initiate trial services
  • What drives consumers to upgrade to paid subscriptions

Complement vs. Substitution

  • What drives consumers to substitute their traditional Pay TV service for streaming video
  • Valued benefits of complementary services

Video Streaming Use Patterns

  • Different ways consumers use streaming video (in-home vs. away, wi-fi vs. mobile devices, social vs. solo, binge watching vs. single episode vs. latest episodes)


  • What content is most important to consumers (sports, movies, genres, original content, etc.)
  • What content fails to add value


  • What features matter the most to consumers (DVR, costs, contracts, zero-rating, all-inone vs. multiple subscriptions, live video vs. on-demand, etc.)

Brand Differentiation

  • Which brands consumers trust to provide innovative streaming video services
  • Brands best positioned for success

Customer Experience & Awareness

  • Top customer experience issues
  • Tolerance levels for suboptimal customer experience

Incidence & Opportunity

  • Customer awareness of different services
  • How many customers have tried or are currently using streaming video services

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