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The Utility Trusted Brand & Customer Engagement™: Residential study provides a comprehensive view into utilities’ relationships with their residential customers, which includes operational satisfaction, product experience and brand trust. Together, these areas compose our proprietary Engaged Customer Relationship (ECR) metric—which has been proven to deliver true franchise value. Click here to view the 2018 ECR Scores.


The report will enable subscribers to:

  • Improve ECR through managing brand trust, product experience and operational
  • Benchmark performance against your peers,industry averages and best-in-class utilities
  • Identify market and operational strengths and weaknesses
  • Connect management actions to customer perceptions
  • Increase utility franchise value


A web-based survey among residential electric and natural gas utility customers of the 132 largest US utility companies (based on residential customer counts). Sample design uses US census data and strict quotas to ensure a representative sample of each evaluated utility’s customers based on age, income and race. 

Study collects responses every quarter for the full year and provides seasonal perspectives. Subscribers receive robust annual sample sizes to enable drill-down analysis.


Subscription Details

Publication Schedule: 

  • Mar: Q1 data portal
  • Jun: Q2 data portal
    Wave 1 report
  • Sep: Q3 data portal
  • Dec: Q4 data portal
    Wave 2 report


  • Full report with analysis of data
  • Online portal tool with every score and question for each utility
  • Simulator to model and forecast impacts of changes in management areas
  • Webcast of overall industry results
  • On-site strategy session to provide actionable results and facilitate strategic planning
  • Participation in industry best practice webinars

Areas of Inquiry

Trusted Brand Measurement Factors

  • Local outreach efforts and reputation
  • Customer advocacy
  • Environmental focus
  • Communication effectiveness
  • Reliability of quality

Product Experience Measurement Factors

  • A wareness and usage of voluntary programs
  • Influence on use of other offerings
  • Demand for billing, payment, service and consumption management offerings
  • Impact of voluntary products on energy costs, the environment and other utility consumer needs

Service Satisfaction Measurement Factors

  • Safety and reliability of service
  • Billing and payment processes
  • Customer and field service performance

Customer Impressions of Utility

  • Net Promoter Scores®
  • Customer engagement comparisons with other local service providers
  • Brand equity/value measurements
  • Customer advocacy scoring
  • Brand personality assessment

Utility-Customer Engagement and Operational Diagnostics

  • ECR scores
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Touchpoint measurements (proactive and reactive)
  • Customer journey actions
  • Brand-building activities
  • Back-office quality (service, rates, outage handling and billing)
  • Energy management and consumption efforts

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